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April 01

Distribution Model

Invest Today
Benefit Tomorrow

By participating in the token sale, you will not only support the development of the Rew4rds ecosystem but also gain early access to the future of loyalty rewards.
This platform offers to your community a straight-forward solution to acquire Miles/Points and use them on your e-commerce. but also be open for new costumer who wants to spend miles/points acquired at other e-merchants!


Building the Future of Rewards - Our Project Roadmap

At Rewards4u, we have a clear vision and a strategic roadmap to transform the rewards industry and deliver an innovative loyalty ecosystem. Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and targets we aim to achieve as we progress through each phase of development. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way people earn and redeem rewards.
Please note that the roadmap outlined below is a general plan and may be subject to adjustments and updates based on market conditions, user feedback, and technological advancements. We remain committed to transparency and will keep our community informed about any changes or additions to our roadmap as they occur.

ICO Launch & Fundraising

During this phase, our focus will be on establishing the foundational elements of the platform.

Key milestones include:


    - Finalize the technical architecture and infrastructure for the platform

    - Conduct comprehensive market research and analysis to refine our product offering

    - Build a strong and dedicated team of experts in fintech, blockchain, and customer experience

    - Prepare for the launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and gather feedback from early adopters

Phase 1

Token Listing on Major Exchanges

In the second quarter of 2024, our focus shifts towards enhancing the visibility and accessibility of Rewards4U's native token, RW4, by securing listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This strategic move aims to broaden the token's reach, providing our community with increased liquidity and the opportunity for seamless trading.

Key milestones include:


    - Forge partnerships with renowned cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure the widespread availability and trading of RW4

    - Implement strategies to enhance liquidity, fostering a robust and dynamic market for our token

    - Engage with our growing community to create awareness about the token listing, ensuring a smooth transition for our users

Phase 2

Platform Development & Testing

In this phase, we will shift our attention to the development of the Rewards4u platform.


    - Design and develop the user-friendly interface and intuitive user experience of the platform

    - - Implement the core features of the Rewards4u ecosystem, including earning, redemption, and rewards tracking functionalities

    - Conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure a seamless and secure platform

Phase 3

Platform Launch & User Onboarding

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2024, the culmination of our efforts takes center stage with the official launch of the Rew4rds platform. This exciting milestone marks the realization of our vision to revolutionize the rewards and loyalty ecosystem.


    - Execute the launch of the Rewards4u platform, making it accessible to users eager to explore a new era of rewards

    - Facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for our community, ensuring that users can effortlessly engage with the platform's features and functionalities

    - Encourage user feedback to further refine and optimize the platform, solidifying our commitment to continuous improvement

Phase 4

Expansion To Other GCC Markets

In the first quarter of 2025, our strategic expansion plan unfolds as we extend the reach of Rew4rds to additional markets within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


    - Conduct thorough market analysis to identify key opportunities and tailor our platform to the unique preferences of the targeted GCC markets

    - Customize our offerings to align with the cultural and economic nuances of the new markets, ensuring relevance and resonance

    - Explore strategic partnerships within the GCC region to strengthen our presence and foster collaborative growth

Phase 5

Worldwide Expansion & Partnership Development

With a solid foundation and growing user base, we will set our sights on global expansion.


    - Explore new markets and establish a presence in key regions worldwide

    - Localize the platform to cater to different languages, cultures, and preferences

    - Forge partnerships with international brands and expand our network of rewards providers

    - Continuously innovate and enhance our platform to stay ahead of evolving industry trends

Phase 6

Meet The Team

Tarek Nachnouchi - CEO

A visionary leader with a strong background in Digital/Tech and a track record of successful ventures. John's strategic vision guides Rew4rds towards its mission of revolutionizing rewards.
LinkedIn: @tareknachnouchi

Achref Meghirbi - CTO

An experienced technologist with a passion for blockchain. Emily spearheads our technical development, ensuring the scalability, security, and seamless integration of blockchain technology within the Rew4rds platform.

Mohamed Ali Elloumi - CFO

A financial expert with a deep understanding of the rewards industry. Michael oversees our financial operations, ensuring stability, transparency, and long-term growth for Rew4rds.